Zakk Moreno

Students from Gradway

Zakk Moreno

"He saw my potential and he worked with it."

"Mr. Henn [Grad Coach] knew how to work with students, regardless of their different needs. He saw my potential and he worked with it.

Gradway felt like accountability. At no point did I feel like I was dumb and that's why I was in the program. I needed the extra attention to stay on track and actually do the work.

Gradway was one of the few things that gave me the skills I needed to be successful after high school."

After graduation, Zakk served 3 years in the United States Marine Corps before being medically retired in 2016. While in the marines, he learned a few barber skills on his fellow marines. Next, he starts cosmetology and barber school in January 2017.

Zakk is also a talented musician! He writes his own music, sings, and plays the guitar, piano and drums. He is excited to begin recording his first album in the coming months.