Michael Thacker

Students from Gradway

"when they invested in me I wanted to give back more than they expected."

Michael Thacker, Tippecanoe Valley High School Gradway student and graduate of 2015, is now attending Grace College. Gradway Director, Brittany Lyon, joined Michael this week to catch up on life after high school. Michael (R) was joined by Grace College professor and mentor, Peter Wolff (L), who Michael says has been by his side since the start of his journey at Grace College. Michael says he knew he was starting his path at Grace with a lot to prove and says that Grace College took a chance on him. His response to this, "when they invested in me I wanted to give back more than they expected." He has goals and dreams for his future at Grace and his future career path, but what does Michael think about being successful? He tells Gradway Director, Brittany Lyon, "my future is built on the work I put in now."

Michael dreams of running track for Grace College, continuing his photography business, and speaking to high school students around the state. His goal is to reach high school students as an encourager, stating he wants to reach "all those people that think high school is jail, because it's not...high school shaped me!" Thacker is living in Beta dorm and studying entrepreneurial business, fitting considering he won the Young Entrepreneurs Competition his senior year in high school. He is also considering education as a pathway for his future. He is passionate about helping others, public speaking, and mentoring. He is thankful for his dad who taught him the value of hard work and his mom who gave him a love and affection for people. He also sends a specific thank you to all those who have spent time mentoring and coaching him throughout his life.