Elementary Education


Our elementary program ran through Kids Hope, with Gradway providing the training and background checks necessary for Kids Hope mentors to work with young students. In the years the two programs partnered together, we set up Kids Hope mentoring programs in area schools and churches. Six of these programs are currently up-and-running with church members working with elementary students as mentors. After many successful years partnering with Kids Hope, the Gradway Board of Directors chose to step back from the program knowing that the Kids Hope groups were set up and fully capable of continuing their programs without the official partnership with Gradway.

How does the Kids Hope Program work?

Students are paired with their own individual mentor who volunteers his/her time to give to these students. Most mentors meet with their student once a week to play games, read books, go on adventures, or whatever activity the mentor and student choose. It is a great time for the pair to connect, create a healthy bond, and promote success!

Mentored youth are likely to have:

  • fewer absences from school
  • better attitudes with peers and adults
  • fewer incidents of school violence
  • a lower rate of drug and alcohol use in later life.
Success Stories

his positive relationship with his Graduation Coach he was able to make the honor roll, graduate high school, get clean of substances, and create a vision for his future

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