Grad Coaching

High School

Grad Coaching

High School, the final step before joining the world of adulthood! Middle School may be the time that students' lives begin to be shaped by their choices, but high school is the time when students begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel and have a chance to create their future story.

The goal of our Grad Coaches is to help these students by guiding them toward graduation, while helping them create a future story! Our Grad Coaches provide stability to students. They promote change, inspire their students to make positive choices for success, they partner with them on difficult assignments, listen when they need an ear to hear, and teach them to be an advocate for their own success. That is what our students need and that is what generates success.

Coaches work in Warsaw Community, Wawasee, Tippecanoe Valley, and Whitko High Schools. What do Gradway Grad Coach students gain from being in the program?

  • Accountability for grades, attendance, and behavior.
  • Friends who are in the group working toward the same goal.
  • Connection to resources in the school and community.
  • An advocate, guide, and encourager.
  • Skills training for school, life, and the workplace
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Alissa was originally scheduled to graduate with her class in 2018. However, she worked hard, overcame her circumstances, and graduated a year early!

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